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Ceramic coating may be worth it for you to consider if your car’s paint job has started looking dull or chipped. It will protect against future damage and save time spent

What our clients have to say

Nick Braasch

I had recently gone fishing and brought my catch home. The bag had a hole in it and fish blood seeped onto the floorboard and mats. The spill left a disgusting odor in the car. Palomera Auto Detail took my call and was able to clean my car the next day. He not only removed the horrendous odor but left the car sparkling. Thank you.


S St

I was thinking that I would just get a quick detail to my Jeep SRT but I can say that if you see how nice a job Efraim did to this thing I don’t have to say anything but Thank you I wouldn’t call anyone else to detail my Jeep Thanks again.


Paul Hopkins

Palomera auto detailing is the BOMB!! They came out and detailed my Highlander. I literally cannot find a square millimeter that they missed. The car sparkles inside and out. Fantastic job!!


Shardell Cavaliere

What a great choice! Efraim does a fantastic job. I’ve elected his bi-weekly service for my 2 vehicles and I’m so glad I did. He is on-time, professional and very, very detailed. Delighted!! You won’t be disappointed. Well worth it.


Ziv F.

These guys are amazing! I was shopping around for a car detail service. My car was in a pretty bad shape, as my dog got in the mud and spread it all over the interior. I got a bunch of quotes from different services but Efrain from Palomera stood out being very reasonable without too much haggling and stood by his price even when he saw the mess he was about to get into. Long story short my car is restored to its show room condition. I will definitely call them again. Highly recommended!


Ryan D.

Owner is very professional. I’m a mechanic by trade and gave him one of my customers cars to detail before I released it and it was awesome. Customer was happy and he might be getting his business soon. I also asked to do my wifes van and it turned out perfect!


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